Quality Control

Certified Filtration Management

ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard that outlines all of the requirements in order to maintain Quality Management Systems (QMS). This certification is intended to ensure that a company is doing everything necessary to improve their processes and the quality of their products on a continual basis.

Filtration Systems Products is proud to preserve our ISO 9001 certification, which indicates to our customers that our entire organization is committed to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Certification involves every aspect of our process to develop and maintain efficient work practices that benefit our customers as well as our employees.

With this certification, our company has a plan for anything and everything that happens in the daily routine of our organization. From quality assurance to the returning of products, we have an exact procedure set in place which helps us stay organized and focused on you, the client.

An ISO 9001 certification has benefits that extend far beyond our own organization. It is seen as a benchmark of quality all over the world because it provides clients with many advantages as well:

  • You receive better quality products and services
  • It improves your communications and reporting
  • You can count on more reliable production scheduling and delivery
  • If you have an issue arise, then there is traceability to see where the problem occurred as well as a procedure already in place to take care of it

In addition to our ISO 9001, we also have an AS9100D Certification which improves product quality and ensures timely delivery within the aircraft and aerospace industries. Ongoing re-certifications are verified through annual assessments by an independent auditor. This further demonstrates Filtration Systems Products commitment to quality in everything that we do.

We Hold Ourselves to the Highest Quality Standards

Quality is more than just about the products we manufacture. It is about the integrity of our company — from the continuous improvement of procedures, to ensuring that every item that goes to our clients works at peak performance.

Filtration Systems Products offers transparency in every step of the quality control program. Not only do our internal processes meet the standards required in maintaining an ISO 9001 certification, but all of our products resulting from these processes are tested in state-of-the-art laboratories to meet our own stringent efficiency guarantees.

Our diverse lineup of products has been serving a variety of industries, all with different end-use applications, for more than 35 years. This extensive experience with dust collectors, non-woven roll media, and die cut applications give us the authority to offer recommendations on how to maximize your company’s filtration effectiveness, which ultimately helps you with controlling costs.

We emphasize advanced technology and product development to offer our customers the best possible performance solutions for any application. We take great pride in customer service and anticipating our clients’ needs. Contact Filtrations Systems Products to learn even more about what we are doing for quality control.

Filtration Products Tested in Our Labs

With our products being manufactured under strict certification standards, we take quality control to the next step by testing and confirming specs in our laboratories.

We offer extensive lab services to analyze the efficiency of products by examining fluids, filter medium, and contaminants. This is done to ultimately support your process and plant operations.

For big manufacturing plants making anything from vehicles to food, we guarantee that we have done everything possible to ensure the quality of your product before it reaches your door. Contact us for all of your filtration needs and you can feel confident in the integrity of the product as well as the business it came from.

AS9100D/ISO 9001 Certification

Certificate of Registration AS 9100C2000