Custom Sewn Filters

At Filtration Systems Products, our experienced professionals are skilled at creating custom sewn filters that exceed our clients’ expectations. We use the latest technology and materials to ensure the highest quality and application specific products. 

Quality & Longevity, Guaranteed

Whether you’re looking for a unique shape or specific material requirements, we can help you get the perfect filtration product for your project. Our vast range of specialty sewn products and capabilities ensure quality and longevity, from fan and motor covers to cold brew coffee filters.

Contact us for all of your custom sewn filter needs. Let’s partner up and create something special.

Our Specialty Sewn Products

Over time, your filtration equipment will need some care in order to continue operating efficiently. Work with us to find the best maintenance plan available and avoid service interruptions.

We aim to keep your systems operating optimally and with as little downtime as possible so your business can continue to run efficiently. No matter your industry or application, you can count on us to provide effective maintenance and keep your systems running smoothly.

Fan & Motor Covers

Filtration Systems Products offers custom sewn fan and motor covers for various applications. These covers protect your motors from dust, dirt, oxidation, and other environmental factors that can reduce their life expectancy as well as increase the safety of your employees by limiting workspace debris. We offer both adjustable and size specific options, ensuring the perfect fit and optimal fan and motor protection.

We have a variety of materials to choose from to create the best custom fan and motor cover for your application.

Custom Sewn Dust Collection 

We’re your source for custom sewn dust collection bags. Our team can create high-quality filters to help you control dust particulate in your operation. We use premium materials to ensure the perfect fit and long-lasting performance.

Our range of dust collection bags includes:

We have the expertise and resources to manufacture specialty sewn dust collection bags suited to your application.

Cold Brew Coffee Filters

Whether you’re looking for a unique shape, specific material requirements, or a material blend, we can create the perfect custom cold brew coffee filter to meet your production needs. Using only the finest materials we ensure a filter that can hold up to your production processes while ensuring full flavor potential to be realized.

Contact us today to start your specialty coffee filter project.

Replacements for Okuma-Style Bags

We have been manufacturing replacement multi-pocket Okuma style CNC bag filters in a variety of materials for over 40 years. We can help you determine the best material and design to fit your specific application.

We provide custom sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your end use. Whatever filter type you need, our engineers can create the best custom products that meet your requirements.

Why Choose Filtration Systems Products for Custom Sewn Filters?

For over 40 years, the talented Filtration Systems Products team has been dedicated to every aspect of the business. Our extensive product line includes top-of-the-line air and liquid filtration products. 

Whatever custom sewn filter you need, we have the expertise and tools to create the perfect product that gets the job done right. We’re passionate about providing our customers leading service; the best products are always guaranteed.

Get Started with your Custom Sewn Filters

Filtration Systems Products is a leading manufacturer of custom sewn filters. We take pride in the highest quality and longest-lasting results, making our custom sewn filters an indispensable member of our high-quality product line. Contact us today to start your project!