Filtration Services

For nearly 40 years, Filtration Systems Products has been delivering services that extend beyond just our broad product range. Our experience and technical knowledge allow us to work with you to come up with a solution based specifically on your needs. Take a look below for our value-added services that can assist your organization.

Prototype Development

If you have a unique application or other equipment that requires a customized product, our experienced engineers can help develop a prototype that will guide production. Through our process, you can test your custom filters in the field or the production line before committing to mass production.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Unlike some companies that are only interested in a quick sale, Filtration Systems Products does everything possible to ensure that the products we provide will continue to deliver optimal performance and cost savings. We offer installation, maintenance, repairs, and inspections on dust collectors, HVAC systems, mist collectors, and more.

Quality Control

We offer transparency throughout every step of the quality control program. We are proud that our internal processes meet the standards required for ISO 9001 certification, which recognizes that our entire organization is committed to delivering the highest-quality products and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Consolidation Consulting

Filtration Systems Products can analyze your filters to consolidate suppliers and products. We will look into the various filters being used from all sources and identify identical and redundant products coming from different manufacturers for efficiency and cost-saving opportunities. We can also save your operation valuable time in many departments by conducting a detailed survey of every piece of equipment in your plant.

24-Hour Emergency and Technical Support

We fully support our products and, more importantly, our customers by providing around-the-clock technical support service. But don’t wait for an emergency! Call your Filtration Systems Products representative to help troubleshoot and recommend solutions if any problems should arise.

Billing and Volume Discounts

Filtration Systems Products save you time by tracking the filters your business uses and only bill based on monthly usage. While all of our pricing is competitive, we offer additional discounts to companies ordering in large volumes.

In-House Lab

Our extensive Midwest lab was developed to help our clients maximize filtration effectiveness. This allows you to control costs while ensuring quality.

Coolant Analyses Include:

  • Gravimetric
  • Particle Distribution
  • Total Metals
  • Total Suspended Metals
  • Tramp Oil Determination
  • Water Content v. Oil Content
  • Specific Gravity
  • pH
  • Viscosity
  • Conductivity

Media Analyses Include:

  • Fiber ID
  • Physical Properties
  • Hexane and Water Extractable
  • Life and Efficiency
  • Total Inorganic Contaminants
  • Microscopic Imaging

Contact Filtration Systems Products

For all of your filtration needs, we have got you covered. To take advantage of our beneficial services, contact Filtration Systems Products today! We can help you determine long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for all of your filtration needs.

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