Filtration Products

Filtration Systems Products, Inc. is a leading provider of filtration products for a variety of commercial industries. With nearly 45 years of experience, we manufacture pollution control dust bags, convert non-woven roll media, and offer custom die-cutting services.

Our experienced team has worked with respected organizations, large and small, to provide solutions to a wide range of filtration requirements. No matter the size or scope of your filtration requirements, FSP will offer reliable and cost-effective solutions

Non-Woven Roll Media

Filtration Systems Products, Inc. has been a leader in the non-woven filter converting industry since 1979. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you evaluate your filtration needs and find the best solution to address both performance and price. We carry a variety of media options and will help guide you to find the perfect material for your application. Our non-woven filter media is available in widths from 1″ to 131″ for coolant filtration on gravity, vacuum, and pressure filter units. We also offer FDA-approved products. We can provide custom widths, lengths, and core dimensions to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Dust Collector Filter Bags

Dust collector filter bags are specialty filtration products that ensure the air in your facility is safe and meets EPA emissions standards. The dust collector filter bags we manufacture include the following:

  • Standard Dust Bags: Pollution control dust collector bags capture and contain dust particles that would otherwise be released into the air. We offer the highest quality synthetic and natural fiber dust collection bags that will reduce operating costs by improving baghouse efficiency. Our dust bags are available in sewn and welded seam constructions.
  • Custom-Sewn Dust Collection Bags: We specialize in custom dust bags of any shape, size, or type. We also provide a broad selection of engineered fabrics designed to accommodate specific customer requirements. Whatever the particulate type, moisture level, temperature, or chemical conditions present, we will deliver an effective product tailored to your application.

Fabric & Textile Die Cutting

We utilize various methods and technologies to provide the most efficient production process for your products. Our team is knowledgeable, and our machine operators have years of experience to ensure the careful handling of your project.

Our state-of-the-art ATOM cutter is the ultimate tool for precisely cutting industrial and food-grade fabric sheets and gaskets with distinctive patterns and hole configurations. Our beam press can reach high-volume production goals quickly.

Sheeters and cutting tables allow us to offer custom filters, pads, and discs that satisfy various customer specifications across many industries. All our capabilities are AutoCAD driven – helping companies like yours get what they need.

Specialty Sewn Products

Have a specific end use in mind? We can help. Our experts can create specialty sewn products that suit your needs ranging from cold brew coffee filters, maple syrup cones, fountain solution printing bags and fan and motor covers to name a few.

  • Electric Fan Motor Covers & Fan Covers: Our electric fan motor and fan covers provide a snug, durable fit that’s easy to install and remove. These shields extend the life of your fan and motor by guarding them against dust and debris in the air and purifying product lines without impeding airflow. Disposable polyester and foam covers are available in standard and custom sizes.

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