Industrial Filter Manufacturer

For more than 40 years, Filtration Systems Products has been trusted to provide high-quality filtration products including dust collectors, non-woven roll media, and die cut filters. No matter the industry or application, our team of filtration experts can help you select the most effective filter media to fit your needs. We offer the filtration industry’s most dependable brands, including our own. 

FSP-manufactured dust bags, roll media filters, and die cuts are compatible with—and often recommended by—original equipment manufacturers. Our lab technicians conduct intensive analysis and testing to ensure you receive air, gas, chemical, and liquid filtration products that deliver the best possible performance solutions. We can conduct our testing in our Midwest lab or provide this service conveniently at your location.

Not only is quality and performance important to us at Filtration Systems Products, but we also take into account your bottom line – price. We offer filters and services that exceed industry standards but are also cost-effective for you.

As we remain ahead of the curve on the latest filter media, we remain true to our mission of delivering outstanding service. Our ‘rapid response team’ of salespeople and customer service representatives are experienced problem solvers that create cost-effective arrangements for thousands of end-use applications.

Filtration Management Products

Even if you are unsure of what filtration system or filter products you need, we have the knowledge and can-do attitude to help you. Contact Filtration Systems Products for long-lasting, cost-saving solutions for your filtration needs.

Our Services are Second to None

In-House Lab

FSP has an extensive lab in the Midwest to help clients maximize filtration effectiveness and more to assist in controlling costs and increasing quality. We offer testing at our facility or can test products at your location to ensure your satisfaction.

Prototype Development

FSP offers development of custom prototypes for unique applications or equipment that requires a custom product. Our experienced engineers can help guide development and deployment. We create prototype custom filters you can test before mass producing them, ensuring you have the highest quality product before investing in a custom solution.

Plant Survey

FSP offers valuable plant surveys of every piece of equipment in your plant. Each filter product is recorded to give accurate maintenance schedules, efficient buyers orders as well as solutions for temporary critical issues. Our customers have gained value from having their plants and warehouses analyzed and have improved efficiencies over time thanks to this service.

24 Hour Support

FSP provides round the clock support our customers for technical support service. We do what we can to meet your filtration needs no matter the time of day. Call your FSP representative to circumvent emergencies before they happen!


Continued support is always the goal. FSP does everything possible to ensure optimal performance and cost savings. We also offer installation, maintenance, and repairs. We can deploy our crew to your location in order to make the necessary fixes, with minimal to no downtime for your facility.


Representatives can analyze filters being used from all sources to streamline products and limit redundancy. This saves time, space and reduces purchase orders. Whether you need liquid filtration products, dust bags, bag filters, or air filtration products, FSP can deliver!

Certified Quality Management

Achieving Certification to AS9100D/ISO 9001 ensures our customers that our entire organization is committed to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Certification goes far beyond ensuring quality control of the products we manufacture. It involves every aspect of our process to develop and maintain efficient work practices that benefit our customers as well as our employees. ISO 9001 Certification improves product quality and ensures timely delivery within the aircraft and aerospace industries. Ongoing re-certifications are verified through independent audits that further demonstrate FSP’s commitment to quality.

Contact Filtration Systems Products today to discuss how our services can meet your needs!

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