Dust Collector Filter Bags

Working in an industrial manufacturing plant necessitates strict adherence to the regulations outlined in the Clean Air Act. It is essential to ensure that the air emitted from manufacturing facilities is thoroughly purified to eliminate dust, metal particles, food particulate, and other contaminants, regardless of the industry.

Since 1979, Filtration Systems Products has produced quality dust collection products, allowing us to maintain a prominent position in the industry.

Our durable synthetic or natural fiber dust collector filter bags can lower costs by increasing baghouse efficiency. We offer long-lasting replacement filter bags, in both welded and sewn seam construction.

Material Selection

Our extensive material and fabric selection and sewing operations allow us to provide custom bags to satisfy the demands of nearly any application. We provide the most effective product for your application by considering particulate type, moisture levels, temperature, and chemical conditions.

FiberAvailable InePTFE Membrane AvailableTensile StrengthMoist HeatAbrasion ResistanceResistance to AcidsResistance to AlkalisContinuous Operating TempTemp Surges
AramidWoven/FeltYesVery GoodGoodExcellentGoodGood400°425°
PPSFeltYesVery GoodGoodExcellentExcellentVery Good375°425°
P84®FeltYesVery GoodGoodExcellentVery GoodFair420°450°

Fabric Types and Finishes


Our polyester felt is available in weights ranging from 8-22 ounces per square yard. We also offer polyester felt with various surface finishes, including plain, glazed, singed, teflon and acrylic laminate or bath. We specifically recommend ePTFE membrane or acrylic finishes for enhanced filtration efficiency and cake release. Polyester has good abrasion resistance, but is not ideal for applications where high moisture is present. Polyester has a max continuous operating temperature of 275°. We also stock several weight options of woven polyester and multifilament mesh for specialized applications.


Our polypropylene is available in both woven and felt construction. Felt options are available in 12, 14 and 16 ounce per square yard. Our woven polypropylene is available in 8.5 ounces per square yard. This fabric has multiple surface finish options including: plain, glazed, and singed. ePTFE membrane finish is also available for enhanced performance and cake release. Polypropylene performs well in environments where moist heat is present or chemical resistance is needed . It has a max continuous operating temperature of 190°.


Our aramid materials are available in both woven and felt construction. Felt options are available in 7, 10, 14, 16 and 18 ounce per square yard. Our woven aramid is available in 5.5 ounces per square yard. Surface finish options include: plain and singed. ePTFE membrane finish is also available for enhanced performance and cake release. Aramid materials perform well in most environments. The exception would be extreme temperature environments, or where acidic conditions are present . It has a max continuous operating temperature of 400°.


Our Acrylic felt bags come in plain, singed and ePTFE membrane finishes, and are available in 10, 12 and 15 ounce per square yard options. Acrylic material can be considered under mild acidic conditions or in moist environments.. It has a max continuous operating temperature of 250°.


Our PPS bags come in plain, singed, and ePTFE membrane finishes. PPS is an excellent option in highly abrasive environments, as well as in applications where chemical or extreme heat resistance is necessary. PPS has a max continuous operating temperature of 375°.


Our P-84 bags are available in 14 and 16 ounce per square yard options with plain and singed finishes. P-84 is an excellent option in abrasive environments where extreme heat resistance is necessary. P-84 has a max continuous operating temperature of 420°.

Woven Fiberglass

Our Woven Fiberglass bags come in a plain finish. These bags provide enhanced performance in many high-temperature end uses.Fiberglass has a max operating temperature of 500°.


We stock several cotton materials varying in weights from 4.5-18 ounce per square yard. Styles include duck, napped, twill, and sateen. With a wide variety of options to choose from, we are confident that we can determine the right material to fit your application.


Micron rated nylon monofilament material is also an option for your specialty projects. 

Dust Collector Styles

Pulse Jet

The pulse jet dust collector system draws in dust-laden air that passes through filter bags or cartridges from outside to in flow. Inside the system, the filter media captures the dust particles, releasing clean air from the collector. When a cleaning cycle is initiated, compressed air is forced into the bag pressurizing the inside of the filter to dislodge the particulate.

Reverse Air

In a reverse air system, the dust-laden air enters the system and passes through the media from inside to out, capturing the dust particles on the inside of the bag. Clean air then exits the system. When needed, the air flow is reversed to initiate the cleaning process.


This dust collector uses a mechanical system to shake the vertically hanging filter bags. Typical construction is a closed top that is attached to the shaker mechanism and snapband bottom fit into a cell plate. Dirty air flows from inside out and when a cleaning cycle is initiated, the shaker mechanism moves back and forth to release any collected dust into the hopper system below. Clean air then exits from the system, keeping your working environment healthy and safe.

Dust Bag Configurations

There are many different top and bottom configurations available. 


Verifying that you have the correct size dust bag for your needs is essential. To get accurate assessments of your dust collector filter bags, please take a moment to watch this instructional video. Critical measurements include cell plate dimensions, snapband size, flat width or diameter, and bag length. Specialty features such as wear strips, loops, flanges or grommet tops will also require precise measurement information for proper fit and function. 

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