Fabric & Textile Die Cutting

Filtration Systems Products specializes in manufacturing custom products to fit your unique application. We utilize multiple means of production, allowing us to produce your products in the most efficient manner possible.

Gain Control Over Your Die Cutting Project

Our team of operators is highly experienced with our equipment and have intimate material knowledge, which means your project is handled with the utmost care from start to finish. You get more control over your project when you choose Filtration Systems Products.

We produce high-quality filtration products with our fabric and textile die cutting capabilities. Our versatile equipment options allow us to handle your project, regardless of complexity or size. Contact us today to get started with your project.

Industrial Die Cutting Processes

Our state-of-the-art ATOM cutter allows precise cutting capabilities for industrial and food-grade fabric sheets and gaskets that require unique patterns or hole configurations. We can accommodate projects up to 60” wide.

Our beam press is perfect for small and midsize projects where high volumes are required. This machine has a bed width of 76”and allows us to mass produce your shape quickly and efficiently.

Sheeters and cutting tables allow us to produce smaller scale custom filters, pads, and discs for countless applications servicing many industries.

Our processes are AutoCAD-driven and flexible enough to accommodate both small runs and high production volume of sheets and discs. Numerous industries use and benefit from our custom die cut products.

Some examples include:

We take the utmost pride in our custom fabric and textile die cutting capabilities. Two additional quality die cut products we manufacture with precision include:

Maple Syrup Cones and Sheets

Maple syrup cones and sheets improve the quality and taste of the syrup by removing impurities and sugar sand. We carry 5 and 8 quart cones and several sheet sizes in a variety of filter materials.

Filter Sheets and Discs for Plate & Frame Units

Filtration Systems Products produces filters to be utilized in plate and frame style units for industrial and food applications. Plate and frame filters prevent waste, food particles, and other particulate from re-entering your systems. 

Why Choose Filtration Systems Products?

While we embrace future-forward technology and product development, we still demonstrate the qualities on which Filtration Systems Products was founded decades ago: transparency, honesty, and integrity. Our skilled team strives to understand customers’ concerns, anticipate their needs, and exceed expectations in every aspect of business.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and the most accurate and efficient production possible. Our quality and durable filtration products for air and liquid applications serve hundreds of industries. We go the extra mile to customize our products to suit your needs and produce outstanding results.

Contact a Filtration Systems Products representative for fabric and textile die cutting manufacturing needs.