Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Filters

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Filtration Systems Products (FSP) is a leading manufacturer of industrial filters, providing comprehensive solutions for various separation needs. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures you receive the most effective filtration products for your specific application.

Check out some frequently asked questions we receive about our filtration products and services:

Filtration is a fundamental separation technique used across numerous industries. Here are some everyday examples:

  • Liquid filtration: A liquid filter separates a contaminant from the liquid, allowing only the desired fluid to pass through.
  • Air filtration: HEPA filters, pleated filters, dust bags and many additional filter types capture dust, pollen, and other airborne particles, resulting in cleaner air.

These are just a few examples. Industrial filtration applications are much more diverse, often involving complex mixtures and demanding separation requirements.

Custom filtration products encompass various filter media and equipment designed to separate solids from liquids or gases in industrial processes. These products can include:

  • Filter Bags: We manufacture standard and custom dust collector filter bags in various sizes and materials. Our dust bags improve baghouse efficiency, reduce operating costs, and comply with EPA emissions standards.
  • Non-Woven Roll Media: Available in various widths, including FDA-approved options, our non-woven roll media support coolant filtration systems such as gravity, vacuum, and pressure filter units. They reduce operating costs and comply with EPA standards.
  • Fabric & Textile Die-Cutting: Our advanced equipment precisely cut industrial fabrics, textiles, and filter media to your specifications. Whether you need custom filters, maple syrup cones, or fryer envelopes, we can deliver the perfect solution.
  • Specialty Sewn Products: In addition to standard filtration products, FSP goes the extra mile to create specialty sewn items. From cold brew coffee filters to fan and motor covers, our team will craft the unique filtration product you need.

The type of filtration product needed depends on the nature of your process and the characteristics of the materials being separated. Contact our experts today to find the best products for your project.

There is no single “best” filtration material as the optimal choice depends on several factors, including:

  • Particle size and type: Different materials capture particles of varying sizes and compositions.
  • Compatibility with fluids: The filter media should be chemically compatible with the filtered liquids or gases to avoid degradation.
  • Desired flow rate: The pore size and structure of the filter media impact the rate at which fluids can pass through.
  • Cost and maintenance requirements: Filtration materials vary in cost and require different levels of maintenance or replacement frequency.

Filtration Systems Products offers various filtration media options. We’ll help you determine the most suitable material for your project.

Industrial filtration plays a crucial role in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Chemical processing: Removing impurities from chemicals, catalysts, and other process fluids
  • Food and beverage: Clarifying liquids, separating solids from products, and filtering water for processing

Manufacturing: Filtering coolants, lubricants, and wastewater to maintain equipment efficiency and environmental compliance

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