Non-Woven Filter Fabric

Filtration Systems Products, Inc. has been a leader in the non-woven filter converting industry since 1979. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you evaluate your filtration needs and find the best solution to address both performance and price. We carry a variety of media options and will help guide you to find the perfect material for your application. Common applications include:

Grinding Machining
Polishing Rolling
Wire Drawing Washing
Plating Drilling

Learn more about our superior products as well as long-lasting, cost saving solutions we offer to meet your filter needs.

Available Non-Woven Roll Media

Our non-woven media is available in widths of 1″ to 131″ for coolant filtration for gravity, vacuum, and pressure filter units. We also offer FDA-approved filter materials for the hot oil frying industry. We can provide custom widths, lengths, and core dimensions to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Available Products

Product Fiber Type and Construction Weight Range (oz/yard) Available Widths
CEREX* 100% SB Nylon (Flat) 0.30-2.00 1″-122″
PBN-II 100% SB NYLON (Point) 0.30-2.00  1″-122″
HOLLIFLO PET/PP Composite 2.00-5.00 1″-109″
GUARDIAN 100% SB Polypropylene 0.45-3.00 1″-109″
MOGUL 100% SB Pet (Flat, Point, Bico) 0.50-4.00 1″-126″
REEMAY^ 100% SB Pet (Flat) 0.40-6.00 1″-131″
POLYLAM 100% SB Polypro Layered 1.00-4.00 1″-126″
PET LAMINATE 100% SB Pet Layered 1.00-4.00 1″-126″
MANNIWEB✝ Wet Laid Pet/Cellulose 1.00-3.50 1″-104″
THERMALBOND PE-PEY BI-Component 0.80-5.00 1″-125″
HOT OIL 100% Rayon Hi-Temp/FDA 0.80-1.90 1″-72″
ORION Dry Laid Rayon/Poly 0.60-2.60 1″-114″
ENCORE PET Bico Hi-Loft 2.0 1″-104″
ENCORE/PET PET Bico, SB Pet Laminate 3.0 1″-104″
PET BICO FELT 100% PET Bico 3.5 1″-99.5″
MICROFLOW Polypropylene Meltblown Composite 3.0-5.0 1″-131″

*Trademark of Cerex
^Trademark of Berry Global
✝ Trademark of Lydall

Other Services

Side Stream Testing

In addition to our non-woven roll media products, we provide side stream testing on site that helps to identify the optimal filter paper for your application without disrupting production during testing and analysis. Let us come to you and, through our testing, recommend the right solution to fit what you are looking for in a filtration partner.

In-House Laboratory Services

Our in-hour lab provides both custom and standard services to customers in need of assessments, analysis, and performance testing of the materials they will use.

Standard testing includes non-woven media identification, analysis, and performance testing, whereas customer specific testing can be done at the customer’s request.

You can count on Filtration Systems Products, Inc. to provide media and coolant analysis to ensure your filters perform optimally.
Media analysis includes:

  • Fiber ID
  • Physical Properties
  • Hexane and Water Extractable Testing
  • Life and Efficiency
  • Total Inorganic Contaminants
  • Microscopic Imaging
  • Coolant analysis includes:
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Particle Distribution
  • Total Metals and Suspended Solids
  • Tramp Oil Determination
  • Water Content vs. Oil Content
  • Specific Gravity
  • pH
  • Viscosity
  • Conductivity

If there is an issue or products are not meeting your needs, our assessments will uncover the problem and we will provide alternative solutions.

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We know you have many options for your filter needs, and we aim to meet or exceed your service expectations. For non-woven roll media products and services, contact Filtration Systems Products, Inc. today.

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