Fabric & Textile Die Cutting

Filtration Systems Products specializes in manufacturing custom products to fit your unique application. We utilize multiple means of production, giving us the capabilities to produce your products in the most efficient manner possible.

Our team of printers and machine operators are highly experienced with our advanced equipment, which means your project is being handled with the utmost care. You get a higher level of control over your project when you choose Filtration Systems Products.

Industrial Die Cutting Process

Our state of the art ATOM cutter allows precise cutting capabilities for industrial and food-grade fabric sheets and gaskets that require unique pattern or hole configurations. Our beam press is perfect for projects where high volumes are required. Sheeters and cutting tables allow us to produce custom filters, pads, and discs for countless applications servicing many industries.

Our die cutting equipment is AutoCAD driven and our beam press capabilities allow for high production volume of sheets and discs. A variety of industries use our custom die cutting products.

Some examples include:

  • Pedestal fan, Vent and Motor Covers
  • Maple Syrup Cones and Sheets
  • Printing Industry Bags and Sheets
  • Cold Brew Coffee tubes and bulk bags
  • Embroidery Backing

Die Cutting Manufacturer

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service along with the most accurate and efficient production possible. Contact a Filtration Systems Products representative for your die cut manufacturing needs.

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