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At Filtration Systems Products, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Learn how companies use Filtration Systems Products to maximize filtration effectiveness and develop custom prototypes for thousands of end-use applications.

“FSP has always been very easy to work with and has provided us with a very high level of customer service along with a quality product. Both Josh and Rita are a pleasure to work with and have always responded back quickly to our needs.

We appreciate the high level of customer support, providing the proper customer service allows both of our companies to obtain the order and keep the business. Thank you for your efforts, they are appreciated.”

Scott C.

“When we first contacted FSP, we were looking for a solution to the endless issues that we were encountering with many of the filters we use at our plant. We never had what we needed on hand, and it was a struggle finding the right company for us to get the filters from.

Once we started working with FSP they took right over and went through every piece of equipment where filters were used. They set up a spread sheet that enabled us to cross reference filters and easily find what we carry in our inventory. They set us up on a two week schedule in which they do inspections and change outs as needed.

Through a lot of hard work and good communication on their part, our filter issues have dwindled down to nothing. After 10 years of working with FSP, I can say that they have been a great company to work with. They are very attentive to our needs and quick to resolve any issues that we might have.”

Marshall G.

“I have been working with FSP for over 12 years and have seen tremendous growth and also satisfied customers with the products and expertise shown in the field, engineering, and logistics.

In the field, their sales force is VERY well versed in filtration and also problem solving. Countless times we have solved the customer problem immediately at their site and provided them with time tested, proven products which made their plants run better and more efficient.

In engineering, They produce, in my opinion , THE top tier product in the industry and is proven first at the factory before it is ever given to the end users, which makes my job very easy in taking FPS to the table anywhere.

In logistics, they have and will stock inventory, get it to you when you need it, day or night, so the end users do not have concerns about having product for use in their facilities. I have met them many times as well as they have waited for me to drive to their warehouse and get product to keep the customer production schedules moving.

I count it an honor to work with FSP and my goal is to move as many or all of my customers to using their products and expertise.

We, together, have saved my customers thousands of dollars in hard cost savings due to their relentless efforts to put the customer’s first.”

Jon K.

“Filtration Systems Products has been a supplier to us for over 18 years. Over the last five years the team at FSP has been proactive in creating and sustaining a strategic partnership with us, having won our Indirect Supplier of the Year award in 2017 for their outstanding service and cost reduction efforts. Not only have they been able to significantly reduce our filtration costs but their experience and technical knowledge in the filter industry brings additional value that we can rely on.

With locally stocked media, FSP has been able to react in a moments notice to help offset filter related problems and help reduce system downtime. We do appreciate the efforts Filtration Systems Products has shown us over the years.”

– Nathan J.

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