On Site Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services

We understand the importance of keeping your Dust Collection system running efficiently, and we work with our customers to deliver not only high quality filtration products, but service for their systems as well. We wouldn’t be doing our due diligence if we provided filters without also taking care of them.

Since 1976, Filtration Systems Products, Inc. has developed a reputation for quality customer service and creating filtration products our customers can depend on. From providing replacement filters for OEM brand collectors, to making custom filters ourselves, our customers return to us time and again for high-quality service and products that are dependable and long lasting.
Learn how we can help with installation, maintenance, service, repair, and inspections for dust collection systems and products.

If you are looking for a supplier that is interested in creating quality partnerships, and not just a quick sale, then look no further than the value add services from Filtration Systems Products, Inc.

System Maintenance Services

Over time, your filtration equipment will need some care in order to continue operating efficiently. Work with us to find the best maintenance plan available and avoid service interruptions.

We aim to keep your systems operating optimally and with as little downtime as possible so your business can continue to run efficiently. No matter your industry or application, you can count on us to provide effective maintenance and keep your systems running smoothly.

System Repair Services

If your dust collection systems are in disrepair, we can help! This value added service allows us to give our customers peace of mind about their purchase and allows us to ensure everything is working properly after the repair is made. No need to call a third party for a specialized repair! Contact us any time of day to set up a repair service call and our technicians will be happy to assist.

System Inspection Services

There may be times where an inspection of your filtration products and systems is necessary to ensure they are operating effectively. We provide inspections between maintenance calls because we stand by our work and our products.

Services Provided Include:

Full Inspection

  • Detailed inspection of the housing to include door seals and latches, sidewall, seams, roof, and tube sheet.
  • Detailed inspection of the hopper system to include the sidewalls, material build-up, rotary valves, conveyors, shakers, baffles and strike plates.
  • Detailed inspection of the entire pulse jet system to include manifold alignment, blow tubes, valves, gauges, tubing, wire connections, settings and firing sequences.
  • Detailed inspection of dust bags or cartridges to include cages, venturis, clamps and rings.
  • Detailed report of all inspection results to be submitted within 5 business days after service date

Surface Inspection

  • Gauge readings mag/photo
  • Proper function of pulse jets
  • Compressed air PSI
  • Visual emissions inspections
  • Auger system function
  • Hopper Level

Detailed report of all inspection results to be submitted within 5 business days after service date. If anything of extreme concern is noted, and immediate action required, our team will report to their contact at the time of inspection

Contact Filtration Systems Products, Inc.

If you are a current customer and would like to engage in this value added service for the products you purchased from us, contact Filtration Systems Products, Inc. today to discuss your needs!

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