Dust Collector Filter Bags

If you work in an industrial manufacturing plant, then you are required to follow the strict regulations set forth by the Clean Air Act. From the auto industry to food manufacturing, the air you exhaust needs to be cleaned of dust, metal, dirt, or any other contamination.

Dust collection products manufactured by Filtration System Products are compatible with–and often recommended by–original equipment manufacturers. We have been a leader in the pollution control dust collection industry since 1979. Take a look below for various bag filter options.

OEM Dust Bags

Our durable synthetic or natural fiber dust collection bags can lower your costs by increasing baghouse efficiency. We offer long-lasting replacement filter dust bags, in both welded and sewn construction types, for more than 120 brands including:

  • Pangborne
  • DCE Volkes
  • Wheelabrator
  • Carter Day
  • Mac
  • Mikropul
  • Flexkleen
  • Sly
  • Steelcraft

If you don’t see your collector listed here, just ask. If we don’t have the dust bag you need in stock, we will get it!

Our Products

Product Finish Options Max Operating Temp °F Weight Range oz/yard2
Polyester Felt Plain, Glazed, Singed, Teflon, or Acrylic Coating or Laminate 275 8.0-24.0
Polypropylene Felt Plain, Glazed, Singed, Teflon Laminate 200 11.0-16.0
Nomex* Plain, Singed, Teflon Laminate 425 13.5-17.0
Durette^ Plain, Teflon Laminate 500 14.0-16.0
Acrylic Plain, Singed 400 15.0-20.0
Ryton✝ Plain, Singed, Teflon Laminate 375 15.0-19.0
P-84 Singed, Teflon Laminate 460 13.0-15.0
Woven Fiberglass Plain 500 16.0-22.0

*Trademark of DuPont
^Trademark of Monsanto
✝ Trademark of Chevron

Custom Sewn Dust Collection Bags

Our engineering and design department can create custom dust bags in any shape, size or type. Our expansive variety of top-quality fabrics supports fine or coarse filtration for any dust collector.

Filtration Systems Products’ custom bags are easily installed and changed out, which means you can save on the cost of having to hire a crew to replace it more than once a year, among other cost-saving options.

Our extensive fabric selection and sewing operations allow us to provide custom bags to satisfy the demands of nearly any application. We strive to provide the most effective product for your application taking into account particulate type, moisture levels, temperature and chemical conditions. We provide the solutions you need to meet or exceed your industry’s standards!

Electric Fan Motor Covers & Fan Covers

Extend the life of your fan motor by protecting it from harmful dust and airborne particles. Our fan covers are available in standard and custom sizes in polyester, fiberglass and foam. All American-made Filtration Systems Products electric motor fan covers offer a tight, protective fit, yet remain easy to install and remove.

Industrial fan covers help you ensure air and product purification without restricting air flow. Our fan covers keep air particles out without placing an additional resistance on the fan motor. Disposable polyester and foam fan covers are available in standard and custom sizes.

HVAC Filters

Filtration Systems Products also offers a wide array of HVAC products for commercial and industrial applications that range from low to high efficiency.

  • Auto and bulk polyester rolls
  • Pads, panels and links
  • Pleats
  • AHRAE boxes
  • HEPA filters
  • Multi-pocket bags
  • Metal mesh

Contact Filtration Systems Products

To comply with air efficiency regulations, you need only the best dust collection products that will properly clean air of all contaminants. Contact Filtration Systems Products for bag filters for any application in any industry.

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